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Sports and Societies Executives

With the conclusion of the 2022/23 Sports and Societies Executive Elections, the results are in! Below, you'll find the details of those you have elected to represent you, your clubs and societies in the next academic year.

Society Executives Roles

Representation Group Executive
Academic Chris Njoroge
Arts and Performance Tara King
Charity and Campaigns Diana Enero
Cultural Chris Njoroge
Games and Hobbies Mei Clarke
Media Lauren Aarons
Medical Hanen Alfuhaid
Peer Support Sara Bourthis
Personal Development Aiden Wagstaff
Political Padraig Smead
Religious Shane Joseph
Societies Accessibility and Inclusivity Dera Iwuagwu
Societies Publicity Bella Yau
Sustainability in Societies Felicity Eardley

Club Executive Roles

Representation Group Executive
Martial Arts Luke Johnson
Dance and Gymnastics Ella Matthews
Outdoor Sports Park Piper Hebditch
External Sports Scarlet McNicol
Water Sports Darcey Gardiner
Indoor Sports Park Mollie Roberts
Colney Lane Milo Fletcher
Sports Accessibility and Inclusivity Officer Paris Maben-Hume
Sustainability in Sports Dougie Pitman
Sports Publicity Officer Ollie Radcliffe