Club and Society Executives

The Sports and Societies Executive subcommittees are a form of student consultation and representation, meaning attendees input on topics to help develop and improve clubs and societies at UEA, as well as contributing to the approval of grants and new societies.

Meet your execs

Sports Executives '23/'24

Role Executive
Water Sports Representative Alice Older
Colney Lane Representative Maggie Read
Indoor Sports Park Representative Oliver Bailie
Outdoor Sports Park Representative Nick Gadd
External Sport Representative Luke Bailey
Dance and Gymnastics Representative Olivia Hunt
Martial Arts Representative Hannah Edwards
Sports Events and Fundraising Officer Juliette Rebold-Stead
Sustainability in Sports Officer Josh Bell
Sports Accessibility and Inclusivity Officer Liz Bigalke

Society Executives '23/'24

Role Executive
Academic Societies Representative Sunny Ng
Cultural Societies Respresentative Grace Guan
Arts and Performance Societies Representative Helena Keys
Games and Hobbies Societies Representative Liv Mukiibi
Societies Accessibility and Inclusivity Officer Weiming Sun
Charities and Campaign Societies Representative Stafan Ciobanu
Political Societies Representative Sam Pyle

Results and Training

If there is a tie in the votes, the Activities and Opportunities Officer will flip a coin to decide which candidate is appointed into the position. This is non-negotiable and a second vote will not be opened in the event of a tie.

Yes! We provide all Executives with full training to ensure you can do your role properly, know the support available to you and understand what we expect of you. This training will take place in early September and will last one and a half hours.

All training will be delivered online via Microsoft Teams.

You will not be able to attend Exec meetings and contribute towards decision making until you have attended the training session.


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