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hi from your 22-23 hsc soca, Kody!

Why did you apply for the role?

I want to help students of my School especially Students of Colours to raise their voice towards the School authority. I hope that me and another ambassador are able to create a safe space for them to express their opinions regarding their course, cohort, relationships with the peers or even their feelings of being part of this big family. I genuinely believe that a representative is essential in a school and with this role, I am able to get involved in various aspects of student-school activities through arranging events/ projects for students to participate and enhance their experience at the university.

What will you be working on? 

I would be planning regular art workshop which allows students to flex their creative muscles and create their own products. Christmas party would also be arranged for students of HSC to gather together and enjoy the joy of the festival. This socials would be an exceptional good way for international students to meet some new friends whom they can spend Christmas with. BAME career workshop as well as Career panel events for students would also be organised for Students of Colours to share thoughts with one another about their area of interests related to the course. Potentially, external speakers would be invited to take part as well to provide some professional advice.

What are you looking forward to over the year?

To work alongside my partner, work with SOCAs from other schools and organise events together to connect this UEA big family. Most importantly, help students of colours to create an enjoyable university experience and reduce the degree awarding gap.