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hi from your 22-23 bio soca, Kaainat!

Kaainat Khan –

School of Biological Sciences (BIO)

Hello! My name is Kaainat and I’m a second-year Biochemistry student representing Students of Colour within the School of BIO for another academic year. If you’re a returning student, you may be aware of our student-led support group “BAME in BIO”. The group is comprised of Student Chairpersons, Kaainat Khan (myself), Serena Skinner and Faculty Chairperson, Dr. Alexander Suh.

There is no denying that the structural inequalities within university have a profound effect on a student’s ability to achieve high grades therefore my objective as an ambassador remains the same as last year; to provide coaching and support for other students of colour in BIO to ensure they have the confidence to talk about any issues they face regarding the attainment gap and take a leading role in open conversation.

Our group BAME in BIO is not a society, it is a student community in place to provide a friendly and supportive student environment for anyone to share their experiences and thoughts on racial inequality within university.

We frequently partner with The Biochemistry Society and Biological Society throughout the year in alignment with our shared mission of inclusion and creating safer spaces for students. Last year, we worked together during Black History Month in 2021, bringing BAME in BIO's celebration event and The Biochemistry Society's decolonisation workshop.

As well as in-person events, we also provided drop-in sessions via Discord for BAME students to talk to one another and come together in tackling issues. Events like this will continue to run this academic year. Follow us on Instagram @ueabameinbio to be part of the community and for all up to date information on events this year.