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hi from your 22-23 ama soca, Sulli!

Why did you apply for the role?

As an international student myself, I understand that there might be a lot of challenges being a student colour. I know it can be intimidating to raise an issue to the authority as well. Therefore, I aspire to help in creating a bridge between the students of colour and university so that students of colour can seek help in a more comfortable way.

During my time as a SOCA, I would like to encourage and inspire other students of colour to speak up instead of keeping silent when encountered inequalities or obstacles. In addition, I would like to help in striving for more support for BAME students and suggest new ideas in providing support. Besides, I would like to promote the acceptance of diverse and multicultural community and increase the awareness of equal opportunities within campus. I would like to help the other students of colour to achieve a more fulfilling university life and organise memorable events for them as well.

It is a very meaningful job for me, as we can improve the university experience and academic performances of the future BAME students if our projects are successful. It will continue to have positive influence on BAME students as well.


What will you be working on?

- Social events for students of colour

- Cultural events 

- Sports events for students of colour

- Update social media for educational and promotional purposes

- Research on the reasons behind degree awarding gap, obstacles faced by students of colour and the solutions to it


What are you looking forward to over the year?

My goals would be

1. To inspire and encourage students of colour to speak up about the obstacles that they are facing

2. To reinforce the sense of belonging for students of colour

3. To create an accepting and harmonious community for students of colour where everyone feels comfortable

4. To facilitate cultural exchange between students from different backgrounds