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Welcome back from Ayane

Dear PG friends,

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a relaxing time over the winter break with your friends and family wherever you are.

I just wanted to write to you all at the start of 2022 and to reflect on 2021.

You have all done a fabulous job since the academic year started or even before and I don’t think it only appears in your grade. You managed to achieve where you are. You should definitely give yourself credit.  And I hope you will continue your work to achieve your goals.

Those who have been away from your family – it’s okay to feel homesick. My family and friends are in Japan, and they are 9 hours ahead of the UK. I barely have time to talk to them during the weekday. Some of you might be self-isolating to see your family before/after the break.  With the cold winter weather and the assessment period, January can be tough for some people.  If you are feeling a bit down or lonely, we have loads of events happening across the SU. You can always find something here if you would like to do something different.

When I struggled with writing my essays, I always tried to remember why I came to UEA. I took my UG degree in Japan. After graduating from my uni for UG, I did some work experience, then came to UEA without any financial support from my family. Every hour I spent on my module, I was literally paying for every second of learning. I could’ve skipped my lecture if I didn’t want to attend but I didn’t want to do that because I’m wasting my money I saved from the hard work I did in the states and Japan.

Therefore, when I don’t want to go to class or let myself off studying, I ask myself “why did you come to UEA? What are you studying an MA for?” Of course everyone has different issues and a few of my friends didn’t attend classes. It is okay because it is not my business but it is important for you to remind yourself why you are studying at UEA whenever you face difficulties, regardless of what your friends and family think what you should do.

It is okay to make mistakes because that’s how we learn things in life. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and failures. It is okay not to know everything. You always can start learning something new even when you become way older than my parents. If there is someone who tells you like ‘why you don’t know these things?’ just ignore the negative vibes. That means they haven’t reached your level yet.

What I wanted to say in this blog is that I would like you to remind yourself why you are here, to encourage you to try as many things as you can this year and  and to let you know that there will still be many more opportunities for you to meet friends and to do something new.

Hope you will have a wonderful year!