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A message on Spiking from Patrycja Poplawska the Womens+ Officer

We at the SU, have seen a recent growth in reported spiking incidents in our venues. There is no string of words that will adequately express the rage and sadness that I felt on hearing this. I promise we are doing everything we can to prevent more cases and support those who are affected. This blog is to reassure you that we are not sitting with our arms crossed, while students get hurt.  There are conversations being had and plans being put into action, but in the here and now there are ways that you can support us and help to stamp out this behaviour:

  • Report cases as and when they happen. By doing so we can collect the information we need to impose consequences on those who spike and enhance our preventative actions. If you see anything suspicious, report it. There is only so much we can do by reading anonymous confessions. Remember you can report it to the alcohol impact team or security on the night or you can report cases here - at any time.
  • Look after yourselves and your friends. You are not to blame for what happened to you; there are nasty people out there, and we can work together to make sure no one is hurt by taking preventative steps. Please don't leave your drinks unattended, do use the anti-spiking devices available at the bars and do seek immediate help if you believe you have been spiked. More information on spiking can be found here.
  • Most importantly, do not spike people. This behaviour is causing mental distress to your peers and could lead to people being physically hurt. It's not funny, it's dangerous. It's also illegal. If you are found to have been spiking drinks there will be consequences: your SU membership will be revoked, removing your ability to join societies and attend student events, and the University will be notified of your conduct which will be thoroughly investigated and could lead to your exclusion from UEA.

Stay up to date with our channels for more information about this and for further tips, resources and support.

To those of you who have been victims of this horrific behaviour; I'm sorry. We are doing everything we can to stamp out this harmful practice and ensure everyone has a safe night out.

Patrycja X


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