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an update on the one-way system

Now then everyone, I just wanted to quickly update you all on some positive changes to the one-way system. It might not be the funniest blog that you’ll get from me and it might only be a small win but I believe it’s one we should definitely celebrate!

Here at the Student Union we’ve been working closely with both yourselves and the University to effectively improve accessibility for students on campus.

  1. It was commented upon by a number of students that previous provisions were “…generally confusing…” and that there was distinct lack of direction available that would help new students in particular to navigate their way around campus. Taking this advice, we have liaised with the University Estates team to introduce several new sign posts around campus guiding students to key locations such as The Library, Congregation Hall and Union House etc. The hope is that this will make it easier for students to get around campus not only safely but more efficiently as well.
  2. As well as this, it was identified by students and staff that there are areas where it would be possible for Students to pass both ways, whilst maintaining a safe social distance. In response to this, we’ve worked with the Estates team to trial a two-way keep left system on certain parts of campus where it is deemed safe and appropriate – just keep an eye out for the signage.

Likewise, I would just to like to clarify if you do have accessibility requirements please use whatever route you personally feel would be appropriate! :) To quote the University:

“Those with accessibility requirements or any other health condition or disability are exempt from following one-way routes and are permitted to be accompanied by their designated carer in lifts. However, we do ask that in some internal locations where space is limited that you only proceed to go against the one-way route where the route is clear.”

Please see this UEA article for any further information on this and how to get your free Hidden Disabilities Lanyards and Pin Badges.

Ultimately, this new system is a learning curve for all of us - so please do just drop me an email or find my Officer Facebook page if you have any personal suggestions or questions about it. Let’s continue to work with the University to implement an efficient system that is designed with both your lived experiences and safety always in mind!

Stay handsome you beautiful people,



Joseph Leishman
5:10am on 9 Feb 22 Hello Hamish! Youre doing a marveous job!! I am just following up on a campaign PROMISE. you said you would ensure 'Free Parking on Campus!'. I would love a blog update with how that is going! Thanks :D
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