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Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Learning Resources from UEA

The UEA Learning Enhancement Team (UEA LET) provides academic writing and study materials, as well as mathematics and statistics resources and this can be found on their page at

They can also help you find support if you have a Specific Learning Difficulty and require additional resources.


We've chosen four fantastic guides packed with tips, tricks and advice for sharpening your study skills that we think are particularly worth your time:

The Study Skills Handbook

Stella Cottrell

This is the ultimate guide to study skills, written by million copy bestselling author Stella Cottrell. Her tried and tested approach, based on over twenty years’ experience of working with students, has helped over a million students to achieve their potential.

When it comes to studying, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. This engaging and accessible guide shows students how to tailor their learning to their individual needs in order to boost their grades, build their confidence and increase their employability. Fully revised for the fifth edition, it contains everything students need to succeed.

This is an invaluable resource for undergraduate students of all disciplines, and is also ideal for postgraduates, mature students and international students. It prepares students for what to expect before, during and after their studies at university.

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The Undergraduate Research Handbook

Gina Wisker

This is a comprehensive guide to planning and producing high-quality dissertations, written assignments and project reports at undergraduate level. It supports students of all disciplines through each stage of the research process, from drafting questions and reviewing the literature through to collecting data and presenting their work. It provides practical guidance on common problems, including writer’s block and managing deadlines, and contextualises this with examples of real students’ experience of research.

This text will be invaluable to undergraduate students undertaking academic research in all subject areas.

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The Study Skills Book

Kathleen McMillan and Jonathan Weyers

The Study Skills book is an essential practical companion for students of any subject who want to improve their performance and succeed in their studies. It contains a wealth of tips and techniques for developing successful study skills and provides practical advice on everything from taking notes in lectures and time-keeping, to writing and referencing essays and dissertations and proven revision techniques.

Written by experts and tested by students, this third edition of the popular Study Skills Book contains practical tips and exercises to encourage successful study.

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Study Skills For Dummies

Doreen du Boulay

Students need to learn to manage their time, organise their studies, understand, learn, and convey a lot of information – and they need to learn to do it quickly. Whether you’re fresh out of school, or a mature student returning to education, you now don’t need to feel alone!

With Study Skills For Dummies, you'll be given the know-how and confidence to achieve consistent results every time – and a lack of preparation will become a thing of the past.

Discover how to excel at:

  • Note-taking, speed-reading and essay-writing
  • Improving your memory, critical thinking and analysis
  • Using the internet to supplement study
  • Exam skills and developing the best learning strategy to fit your specific needs and abilities


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Career Support from CareerCentral

CareerCentral is your dedicated careers service ready to help you explore your options, build your work experience portfolio and increase your confidence to succeed.

CareerCentral offer help and advice through professional Careers Advisers and online resources. Through online events, Virtual Recruitment and Opportunities Fair and the Mentoring Programme, they can connect you with businesses and voluntary organisations to help you understand what interests you.

The service works closely with academic staff to ensure their offering compliments your school-based activities. They support you in your final stages, whether that’s applying for and landing a graduate job or even starting your own business.

Online resources can be accessed at MyCareerCentral, the online careers portal.