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Welcome to UEA Francophonie Society (FSOC)

Salut! We are a group of like-minded individuals who love the French-speaking world and culture. Not all of us are from a French-speaking country, but we all love learning and discussing in French and English. We are a new society so it would be great for you to be a part of this amazing community today!


What is Francophonie?

There are many French-speaking countries in the world. Together they are known as the Francophonie – also known as the French-speaking world. Although they share the same language, they do not share the same culture.

The Francophonie world contains over 30 countries with all unique cultures and flavours. Many French countries are in Africa but French as a language spans from Canada all the way to Vietnam and Vanuatu.

Anyone who lives in a French-speaking country or speaks French as a first language can be considered as part of the Francophonie.


Why learn French?

Here’s a list of reasons why you should learn French:

1. French is, along with English, the only language spoken on all five continentsMore than 220 million people speak French; great for anyone who is interested in business and wants to travel the world


2. French is one of the most employable skills It is considered one of the 5 working language of the EU and UN as well as it is favoured by companies in the economy, entrepreneurship and research domain


3. French is easy to learn as an English speakerbeing a romance language, it would take a year or two to be proficient – FSOC can do that in a few weeks :)


What Do We Do?

We provide both French language and culture


We have French language lessons. We have beginner and intermediate lessons. Beginner is for people will zero or little French; Intermediate is for people with GCSE or A-level qualification in French.


We will be running events online and offline. We will have movie nights with the Institut français du Royaume-Uni, food events, dance, Francophonie podcast, sports events and even games such as Golf with Friends and GeoGuesser. We can also do widening participation – teaching French to primary schools, singing in a retirement home and even raising money for Charities.


Our Lesson Schedule:

Due to COVID, all classes will be online. We will have the classes via Microsoft Teams  (link sent out in an email).

Beginner Lessons: Monday 5pm-6pm

Intermediate Lessons: Wednesday 5pm-6pm

Our Committee (20/21):

  • PRESIDENT: Ivana-Annabelle Pennaneac’h and Kash Hinds

  • VICE PRESIDENT: Aurelie Sing Fat and Janny Tamim

  • SECRETARY: Lisa Lin and Jeffrey Ohene-Kwakye

  • TREASURER: Mithu Madhu and Haashim Mohammud


  • UNION COUNCIL REP: Lisa Abdul-Mutalib and Janny Tamim



Contact Us:

If you want to ask us anything about FSOC or see any of our updates, follow us on:


Instagram:   -   @uea_francsoc   -   #ueafsoc

Twitter:   -   @ueafrancsoc


Join Our Society for £3 

We Look Forward to Meeting You! A Bientôt!