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Founded in 2022, the Ex-Yugoslav Society aims at promoting the knowledge and understanding of the people, land, languages and cultures of the former Yugoslavia (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia).

We take joy in organising a broad range of social and cultural activities to educate our members on the region. Our job also consists of joining forces with other cultural societies at UEA, where we will make huge collaboration events in either bars or nightclubs. Be it with some delicious Cevapi or drinking some Rakija while listening to Balkan music, by buying your membership you will either feel at home or have the chance to explore the cultures of the former Yugoslavia. Don’t worry about not having Yugoslav origins; we are more than happy in welcoming students of all backgrounds!

If you have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by our Instagram page or email. Feel free to follow us on Instagram for more information: (@exyugosoc_uea)


President – Matija Kovacevic

Treasurer  -Ed Bennett

Secretary  - Maria Aleksic 

(Unofficial) Equality and Diversity Officer -Natalia Cicovacki

Health and Safety Officer - Jovana Lacmanovic