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Welcome To Bowling Society 2023/24

Here at the Bowling Society we meet regularly once a fortnight on a Monday at Hollywood Bowl, Riverside! Come along, meet some cool people, bowl and learn a bit more about Norwich!

The Bowling Society aims to create a fun and casual atmosphere, where people can enjoy themselves and make friends. Get to know people from all years and courses! Our games are mainly casual (unless you're a competitive person when it comes to sports) so don't worry if you aren't a professional; we accept all levels of ability here whether you're a beginner or a league bowler.


We use a range of social media which is listed below:

WhatsApp: our most used social media! Please contact a commitee member either by email or one of our other socials for the link!

Instagram: @UEABowling



Please be aware that although all social medias are kept up to date, we recommend WhatsApp as the best way to keep informed about upcoming events!


Current Members:

If you are one of our lovely members and you'd like to grab some merch, either a jumper or a hoodie, please follow the link below... 


Our 2021/2022 Comittee:

President: AJ Hobbs (she/her)

Vice President: Emma Smith (she/her)

Treasurer: Stewart Brown (he/him)

Health & Safety: Thea Palanee (she/her)

Equality & Diversity: Liv Mukiibi (she/her)


If you have any questions or queriers please don't hesitate to contact us on any of our social media links or you can email AJ directly at either or the UEA Bowling email