Happy Endings

Sunday 11 June 2023, midnight - midnight


£12.00 (Sports Package)
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Get ready for a week of awesome events to conclude the academic year with a bang! 

Katy Ellis is back on Tuesday performing as Taylor Swift with a full band and backing dancers - come and sing your heart out to 'Shake It Off' and 'Blank Space' before the final Damn Good...

Taylor Swift Live! (

Damn Good Final (

For the first time ever, we're giving you a final Sports Night in the LCR on the last week of term on the Wednesday and if that wasn't enough, a Bingo Lingo exclusive to Sports Teams on Thursday.

Final Sports Night (

Sporto Bingo Lingo (

Don't worry if you're not in a sports club, we've got a Bingo Lingo for you too, with hilarious rounds of bingo and ridiculous prizes up for grabs.

Bingo Lingo (

And finally, to end the year in style, we've got the A-List - complete with confetti cannons, strobes, glow sticks and photo opportunitiees, this is the ultimate way to celebrate for the last time this academic year.Join us for this epic line-up of events at the Happy Endings club nights from June 11th to June 16th, because everyone deserves a Happy Ending!

A-List: Term Finale (

Sports Package includes (Saving £2):

- Sports Night (Wednesday 14th June)

- Sporto Bingo Lingo - Early Session (Thursday 15th June)

Full Package includes (Saving a minimum of £4.50 and up to £18 on final release pricing):

- Silent Squared (Sunday 11th June)

- Taylor Live (Tuesday 13th June)

- Damn Good (Tuesday 13th June)

- Bingo Lingo - Late Session (Thursday 15th June)

- A-List (Friday 16th June)