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Founded in 2014, UEA Tamil Society aims to bring people of all backgrounds together, Tamil or not, to promote and raise awareness of the vibrant Tamil culture.

The Tamil language is said to be one of the oldest which is the root of our ancient civilisation originating from South India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. A rich background, centuries of history, deep ties to religions and fine arts and unique cuisine culminates to form a culture we would like you to experience.

At UEA, we strive to celebrate and promote the unique talents that new students bring year after year. We host and partake in numerous events from Go Global to our very own Gaana Night! As a young society with lasting partnerships to cultural societies we regularly collaborate with, we believe joining Tamil Society will provide long lasting memory throughout your years in UEA and provide an escape from the rigours of your course.

As a cultural society within UEA, we believe it is not only important to promote our culture but to get involved with issues within the university and within the city. We are in close partnerships with charities such as The Little Things which have given students the opportunity to take part in fundraising events such as skydiving and climbing Machu Picchu for global healthcare projects!

A few events you could look forward to include: Gaana Night (a club night we host in UEA), regular movie nights, debates and discussions, festive meals as well many other large scale projects we aim to start this year such as an end of year boat party and a Cultural Societies Sports League.

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President: Jahavan Thirukumaran
Vice President: Navarojhan Vazhavan
Secretary: Katherine Kosigin
Treasurer: Abitharan Karmegarasa
Social Secretary: Sajani Ketheeswaran
Heath and Safety Officer: Naveen Asokkumar
Equality and Diversity Officer: Rameeyaa Sivalingam

General Committee: Sinthuyan Pulendran