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Assalamu'alaikum! (Peace be upon you),

The UEA Islamic Society is one of the most diverse societies on campus and we have an exciting committee that cannot wait to host an array of events throughout the academic year allowing YOU to make the most of your UEA experience!

UEA ISoc aims to:

1) Follow the Qur'an and Sunnah

2) Increase awareness & understanding of Islam

3) Encourage unity amongst Muslims

4) Create a platform for members to share their skills and benefit the wider university community

From our two flagship events: Charity Week and Discover Islam Week, to the weekly Qur'an classes, Arabic classes, brothers/sisters socials and on-campus Jummuah, UEA ISoc offers something for everyone! We are a mini Ummah on campus made of a fantastic mix of nationalities and backgrounds. SIGN UP ABOVE to become a member today!

Don't forget to like our Facebook and Instagram pages where we will post constant updates on events, talks, news, and much more insha'Allah (God-willing)! 

We look forward to meeting you all!

Your committee for the year 2022/23 will be:

Head Brother: Abbas Mubarak
Head Sister: Zilan Nurcin
Secretary (Brothers’): Sohaib Rasul
Secretary (Sisters’): Aisha Adamu
Treasurer: Sharief Younis
Sports Representative (Brothers’): Mohammad Ali 
Sports Representative (Sisters’): Selin Dogan
Student Affairs Officers: Raydwan Miah & Arif Ahmed
Publicity Officers: Zakariya Modak & Basma Hammoshi
Media Officers: Hassan Akhtar 
Social Secretary (Brothers’): Faruk Abdul
Social Secretary (Sisters’): Ikhlas Cabdullahi & Rubya Miah