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The world of Paramedicine is brilliant but tough and this society allows us to work together, make friends and enjoy every moment. We want to create an inclusive, supportive environment that helps you to develop into the best clinician you could possibly be whilst also enjoying every minute of it!

ParaSoc is back and bigger than ever! 

This year, we are committed to providing the best support to you! Whether you're a student studying Paramedic Science or simply interesting in prehospital care and gaining some first aid/basic life support experience to help you in you're everyday life.

We are aiming this year to provide even more opportunities and events including: 

1. Regular first aid/basic life support training sessions - possibility of gaining certification in first aid to use in future occupations.

2. Student study support (drop-in) sessions - for paramedic science students seeking advice and support in areas that are a challenge.

3. A range of talks/presentations from experienced health care professionals such as Doctors, Paramedics and Nurses with diverse backgrounds in health care.

4. Regular social events - interaction with different like-minded people and having essential down-time away from study (BBQ's, Pub Quizes, Sports events). 

Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for Continual Professional Development, social events, and collaborative events primarily aimed at Paramedic Students (but also inclusive of all HSC students or interested parties). To consistently integrate all 3 cohorts of the BSc and Dip HE Paramedic Science Programme.

To coordinate the above through regular committee meetings, member involvement, and devolvement into sub-committees where appropriate.



President - Jack Callingham 

Vice-President -  

Secretary - Ellie Freer 

Treasurer - Lewis Sharman

Social Secretary - Zoe Hart

Union Council Rep - Jack Callingham 

Social Media Secretary - 

Equality and Diversity Officer - Maya Sangar 


Upcoming Events

First Year Placement Preparation - 07/01/23
Past Events
14th September 2018 - Lecture Live-Stream: Paediatric Trauma - Cambridge PCP.
28th September 2018 - Freshers BBQ Social.
16th October 2018 - Restart a Heart Day 2018.
18th October 2018 - Lecture Live-Stream: Catastrophic Haemmorhage.
26th October 2018 - End of Life Care & Health Literacy - Macmillan Guest Speaker
14th November 2018 - Excitable Delirium - Dr Drew Welch (NARS)
23rd November 2018 - Lecture Live-Stream: Pre-hospital Toxicology - Cambridge PCP.
10th December 2018 - Lecture Live-Stream: Airways and Anaesthesia - Cambridge PCP.
6th December 2018 - Christmas Quiz Social - Enjoy some friendly competition for the coveted ParaSoc Trophy!
12th December 2018 - ParaSoc Presents: Christmas Meal 
20th February 2019 - Guest Speaker: Think Aorta - JSC LT - Members £2, Non-members £3.
11th March 2019 - Pub Quiz! - £4 per team, max team size 5 - Proceeds to Grad Ball Funds
13th June 2019 - 2016 Cohort Grad Ball.

7th May 2020 - 'From UEA to EOC: Telephone Triage as a UEA Graduate'  with Kieren Pugh (EOC Paramedic)

10th June 2020 - 'Event Medicine: Distance Running' with Tom Nettleton (Advanced Paramedic Practitioner)

15th May 2020 - 'Ultrasound in Cardiac Arrest' with James Yates (Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care)

24th July 2021 - 'A Prescribing Paramedic's Perspective: The Highs and Lows of Primary Care' with Chris Calver (Primary Care Paramedic)
Paramedic Society Merchandise
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