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Let’s be more aware!

Who are we?


Headucate is one of the most active, multi-award-winning, exciting student societies at the University of East Anglia. ?

Our overriding aim is to tackle mental health stigma and help end discrimination by running small workshops in schools in the East Anglia area with children and teenagers to tackle common misconceptions about mental health issues. We do this as currently there is no mental health teaching in schools, and it is thought that about 50% of lifelong mental illnesses are already established by age 14.

What do we do?
- We provide our members with all the training they need to run our school workshops

- We also hold many socials, a great way to meet people courses, including movie nights, pizza socials, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones!

- We hold evening talks throughout the year with top-class speakers on issues surrounding mental health, psychiatry, and psychology

- We organise plenty of fundraisers for worthy causes that members can get involved in, and general campaigns to raise awareness about mental health

- We conduct research for members to get involved with posters to present at conferences and publications


Committee 2022-2023:

Gaia Ferro & Lily Howarth: Co-Presidents (, )

Ciara Mooney: Vice President and Equality and Diversity Officer (

Emily Liu: Secretary (

Amy Zile: Treasurer (

Courtney Thomas: Co-workshop Lead (

Tiya bali: Co-workshop lead (

Muskaan Partha: Research Officer (

Coco Jones: Wellbeing Officer (

Charli Ariyanukitja: Events and Education Officer ( 

Marika Reid-Thomas: Publicity Officer (

Elinor Johnson: Medicine representative ( 

Aamna Malik: Fundraising lead and Social Sec (

Marcia Owen-Düring: First year rep (

Cherrine cheuk lam hui: Health and safety and union council rep (

Esme Dennys: ED rep (

Owen Hayward- Male mental health (


Are you a school teacher?
We offer a workshop that is the length of a normal lesson, that has been approved by healthcare professionals and is run by fully trained students who have received child protection training. 

The workshop (now also available virtually and live!) contains interactive activities and covers topics such as:

• Myths surrounding mental illness
• How mental health is a spectrum
• The basics of mental illnesses and their symptoms
• Talking to someone with a mental health problem
• Where to go to get help and information

Email us to find out more about the workshop we offer to schools. If you would like to make a potential booking then contact the Schools Outreach Teach via


Are you a student from a different university? 
Headucate is based at the University of East Anglia but we have set up branches now at other UK universities including Birmingham, UCL, Nottingham and Cambridge. If you are interested in setting up a branch of Headucate at your university please contact Headucate UK (charity no.: 1197217) at, or @HeaducateUK on any social media platform for support!


Youth Pledge - WORKSHOP
Norwich City Centre
This workshop will be delivered to a group of cohort of vulnerable 16-24 year olds who are looking to be guided back towards the workplace. The workshop will take place in Norwich City Centre.
Hellesdon High School - WORKSHOP
Hellesdon High School, Norwich, NR6 5SB
There will be 2 workshops delivered on the day; the first is for the year 12 assembly and the second is for the year 13 assembly. The first workshop will run from 10:45-11:35am, and the second from 11:35am-12:25pm.
Hellesdon High School Wellbeing Event - WORKSHOP
Hellsdon High
*TRAINED MEMBERS ONLY!* We need volunteers for a 30 minute Mental Health Workshop as part of Hellsdon High's Wellbeing Event on the 27th April. Transport will be provided, set up can start at 2pm but the talk will be from 3:30-4pm on the day.
St. Edmunds Church WORKSHOP
St. Edmund's Church, NR3 1GU, Norwich
This workshop will be delivered to 16-25 year olds in care/ who are care leavers. It will be held at St/ Edmunds Church at any time from 1pm to 5:30pm