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The UEA German Society is for everyone who is interested in the German, Austrian and Swiss culture and language, from native speakers to those who are just starting to learn.


If you do not speak the language already and would like to learn the language, you can join this society to immerse yourself in it. UEA offers a separate paid language learning course if you need more structure in your learning. However, we have different activities where you can immerse yourself in different ways such as:

- A bi-weekly Kaffeestunde (Coffee Hour) where you have the chance to challenge yourself with speaking and understanding. As this is based on conversation, the language may flow between German and English. This can help you put your Duolingo skills to use or give you an opportunity to meet german speakers to keep your german up to scratch.

- A monthly movie night where we will play a german movie that may be in the English or German language. We will always ensure that the film has subtitles in the opposite language that the film is spoken in to ensure that people of all german speaking abilities will be able to understand and to expose you to more written or spoken German. The movie may also be themed to the month or season it is in.

- Weekly socials where you can have fun with other members of the German society. These will be a mixture of cultural, language-based, and fun socials outside of the UEA campus.


 If you already speak the language or are from the German-speaking world, this society can help find people who also speak german and are interested in the culture. It can be hard to find people that speak German on campus so this society can connect you with them! You can make friends that understand why you may celebrate Christmas on the 24th rather than the 25th of December. 

No matter why you are interested in joining this society, we welcome all and can't wait to get to know you!

Only here for a semester? - Join us and learn/improve on some German :)

Contact us anytime to find out more about socials and events:

- via email:

- Instagram: @ueagermansocofficial


If you want to join UEA german soc, we recommend you fill in our availability form: 

This allows us to see when our members have time so we can tailor the society to YOU!!


Your 2022/2023 Committee:

President:                        Anna Branscome

Vice President:                Emilija Grockyte

Treasurer:                        André Weber

Equality & Diversity:       Elana Fraser

Welfare Officer:               Elana Fraser

Health & Safety:              Zachary Waites



Laser Tag with Arab Soc
Labyrinth Norwich
Join German and Arab soc in laser tag! We will be playing in teams that correspond to the society you're part of. If you're not part of these two societies, you're still welcome to join and we will assign you a team!