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What do we do?

UEA's Cinema Society brings students together through a shared passion for the medium of film. Whether you like your movies mainstream or independent, Cinema Society is for you! We host in-person screenings every week and have socials, quizzes, game nights, discussions and competitions so look out for our giveaways!


If you've paid for the membership, every update will be emailed to you throughout the year. Alternatively, follow us on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, all linked here:

You can always follow our new Discord server  where you can discuss with members the movies and series you currently watch as well as share and laugh at memes.

For any questions feel free to contact us on our email:


2022/23 Committee:

President- Katerina Giagkoumpova

Secretary: Idnaan Altaf

Social Secretary: Heather Faure

Treasurer: Ryan Wadsworth

Equality and Diversity Officer: Heather Faure

Health and Safety Officer: Leo Kelham

Publicity Officer: Stephanie Rivers