Disabled Students' Community UEA


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Welcome to the Disabled Student's Community UEA! (DiSCo)

We are a network of students of UEA set up so that like-minded students can socialise, discuss issues affecting their life at UEA and encourage them to increase and fulfil their potential. Our scope includes visible and invisible disabilities, diagnosed and self diagnosed. Any information about your disability is only shared if and when you are comfortable.

If you have any questions or want to get involved, please join our Facebook Group, message us on social media (@disabled.students.communityuea - instagram) or contact individual committee members. We run socials and events that are advertised via those platforms, as well as have different Messenger group chats for you to meet other students!

We also run a teams platforms for all our members! Please email one of our committee members and they will send you the link!.

President - Kayley Baker (

Secretary - Madie Ilett-Inman  (

Treasurer - Beth Robinson (

Health and Safety Officer - Holly Summers (

Equality and Diversity Officer - Megan Anderson (

Events and Socials Officer - Hermione Guymer (

First Year Rep - Tanisha Kent -(

Union Council Rep - Ava Johnston- (