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Welcome to LitSoc - a safe haven for literature lovers! We are a welcoming, fun and inclusive society for all those who enjoy literature in any form. If books are your thing, you've come to the right place. 

From romance to horror, we are excited to engage in all types of literature. We also will be running discussion groups on texts, a bi-weekly book club, and plenty of fun socials (both non-alcohol and alcohol socials).


Here is what the price of your membership enables you to access: 

- Regular emails updating you on society matters and reminding you of upcoming events

- An invite to our private facebook group where we post regularly  

- As a paid member you will have the opportunity to give the committee feedback on the direction of the society and suggest any improvements you would like to see

- The opportunity to engage with the local community and meet new, like minded people! 

- A chance to engage with literature you may not have experienced before 

- An invite to our free poetry and prose reading (get the chance to read out a favourite passage or poem that you like from another author or even yourself) 

-The opportunity to join our book club which takes place every two weeks and explores a different genres and chance to look deeper at texts

-The chance to collaborate with other societies


Here is are some of the bigger plans we have for the coming year  (be aware that these will come at an extra cost not included in the price of your membership): 

- Collaborations with other societies

- Book shop and bar crawls

- Guest speakers

- LitSoc personalised merchandise

- End of semester parties and other socials

Committee 2022-23

  • President: Nusaiba Meshquat (she/her)
  • Vice President: Eleanor Batty (she/her)
  • Secretary: Eleanor Batty (she/her)
  • Treasurer: Eleanor Batty (she/her)
  • Equality and Diversity Officer: Nusaiba Meshquat (she/her)
  • Social Secretary: Ruby Whitehouse (she/her)
  • Media Rep: Milly Whibberley (she/her)
  • Union Council Rep: Sophie Handyside (she/her)

There will be lots of opportunities for new 1st year students to join our committee as we have saved some roles for you!

Feel free to message our Facebook organisation page with any questions you may have, or email us at! You can also find us on Instagram at uealitsoc.