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International Students Society

Enjoy the Multicultural Experience!


About us

Welcome to the International Students Society (ISS), the ultimate destination for a multicultural experience at UEA! With students from over 100 countries, we strive to promote cultural exchange and acceptance among the diverse student population at UEA.

Whether you're an international student looking to connect with others or a home student interested in exploring different cultures, ISS is the perfect place for you!
Join us for an enjoyable multicultural experience!


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive community for all international and home students to come together and learn about different cultures.

Our vision is to create a diverse and vibrant community where all students feel connected and valued.

Events and Socials

The events are larger and themed for the month. Some events we did during 2022/23 are:

  • Welcome Week Meet and Greet
  • Valentines Game Night
  • Christmas Movie Night

The socials are smaller and more relaxed (such as a chat over tea or a game night). Socials we did during 2022/23 are:

  • International Social
  • Laser Tag Night
  • Bowling Night

But that's not all, we also collaborate with other cultural societies to provide opportunities for cultural exchange and learning. Follow us on Instagram or check this Students Union website to see upcoming events.

Memberships Benefits

Benefits of membership include: 

  • exclusive events
  • discounts on tickets
  • emails on upcoming events and opportunities
  • opportunity to join our committee and make a difference in the society

Plus, you'll have the chance to make new friends from all over the world and learn about different cultures. And the best part? The membership is only £3 for one semester and £5 for the academic year! 


Do I need to be an international student to join events/membership?

Not at all! We're open to all students at UEA who are interested in enjoying a multicultural experience and learning about different cultures. Both international and home students are welcome to join our society and participate in our events and activities.

Where can I find the society's events?

You can find the events on this Student Union website and on our Instagram page. We also send emails to our members with information about upcoming events and activities.

How often do you do events?

We aim to hold one event and one social each month. These events and socials can range in size and theme, with events being larger and themed for the month (such as Valentine's Day speed dating or a Halloween party) and socials being smaller and more relaxed (such as a chat over tea or a movie night). However, the number and frequency of events and socials may vary depending on various factors. 

Committee Members 2023/24

The committee members making it all possible! 

Presidents: Kanon & Firdawsi

Vice-President: Yannie

Treasurer: Chloe

Events Officer: Ayumi

Socials Officer: Vienne

Media Officer: Viann

Communications Officer: Kelly

Health and Safety Officer: Jeasel

Union Council Rep: Vienne



ISS Xmas Dinner
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