Drama and Musical Theatre Society


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Drama and Musical Theatre Society (DMTS) is one of the largest and most active societies on campus. Our aim is to provide as many opportunities as possible for all UEA students to create and watch theatre, as well as to meet other like-minded people.

Every year we put on at least six productions, including a musical and a short plays festival. Recent productions have included ‘Into the Woods’, ‘Ordinary Days.’ Many of these slots are open to anyone to propose their idea, and members will vote to choose the production they want to put on. We also have an annual festival of short plays, 'Spotlights', which is a great opportunity for scriptwriters to have their own work performed.

In addition to this, we also provide lots of regular opportunities to meet new members and create theatre in a more relaxed environment.

  • The play group meets monthly to read or watch plays from a diverse range of writers and discuss our experience of them. 
  • Lots of different socials, including theatre trips, nights out, film and theatre screenings and our annual DMTS ball! We make sure some of these are non-alcoholic, so there is always something for everyone.
  • We invite professional theatre makers to deliver workshops and share their experience and expertise with members, where the skills highlighted will be developed to perform at PANTS.
  • Every month our PANTS intensives group will learn a new musical theatre number, building their skills in singing, acting and dancing. This is suitable for both complete beginners and experienced performers! 

Our monthly Performance and New Theatre Showcase night (PANTS for short!) is a fun opportunity to share a mix of performances from the workshops and PANTS intensives alongside a musical theatre open mic. 

Keep up to date on all of our opportunities for productions, including proposals, auditions and performances by liking the ‘UEA Drama and Musical Theatre Society’ Facebook page. Whether you’re an aspiring actor, director, scriptwriter or technician, we can help you make ambitious and innovative theatre, as well as providing a supportive and fun environment in which to do it!

** Once you've paid your membership, join the group 'UEA DMTS Members 2021/22' on Facebook - this will keep you up to date with members-only opportunities, including voting for production slots, workshops, socials and PANTS nights! If you're not on Facebook, please email us at and we'll keep you updated via email**

---- 2022/23 COMMITTEE ----

President: Niamh Duncan (she/her)

Vice President: Izzy Jawahir (she/her)


Treasurer: Sophie Kenward (they/she)

Publicity Officers: Sasha Whiley (she/her)

Publicity Artist: Sasha Whiley (she/her)

Social Secretary: 

Equality and Diversity Officer: Reb Hill (she/her)

Technical and Health & Safety Officer: Sas Hughes (she/her)

Opportunities Officer: 

Welfare and Inclusion Officer: Saoirse Hann-Mills (they/them)

Union Council Rep: Izzy Jawahir (she/her)

First Year Rep: Juniper Headley-Quinn (they/she)