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UEA British Sign Language Society


Alumni, placement students (from other universities) and Staff that are interested in joining the society please contact the SU who will guide you on how to set up an account and purchase the standard membership.

Please use any of our contact details to let us know if you are having any difficulties or if you don't have access to Facebook. 


Who are we?

We are an award winning society ran by a group of enthusiastic signers and learners. We are a fun, relaxed group that allows us to share our passion with others. No previous knowledge of BSL is required, the atmosphere is supportive non-judgemental and encouraging for new signers. We are accepting of all students, postgrads and mature students.

Student Transformation Award winners 2020 and 2021 "Inclusivity and Accessability society of the year". We are proud to announce this award title to everyone interested in joining a society, who may be nervous that societies and university might not be for them. We are a welcoming, humble and approachable group of students that encourage making friends from the start. Deaf awareness is promoted in everything we do, and hope to encourage this on and off campus as best we can. 

Pick it up in your own time through our YouTube Chanel, advance at your own pace and find out how to gain a qualification in British Sign Language. For any information about qualifications please send us a message! For healthcare and students that request attendance certificates for CPD, message us for this to be arranged. 

* Please note: Qualifications are not awarded in the society. *The standard £7 membership is for the full academic year, it includes all of our events and weekly sessions.

Hoodies and sweatshirts are available throughout the year from Birds of Dereham:   These can be ordered by members and will be sent to the uni. Committee will be in touch when they arrive to arrange for you to collect them. We will endevour to make a bulk order at some point during the year to save on shipping costs, however this is not garentteed and there is no confirmed date for this yet.


When do we meet?

Thursday 6-7pm Lecture Theatre 4


We meet every THURSDAY in person for taught sessions at 6pm. Occassoinally sessions may be delivered virtually, if preferred by the session tutor. We have tried our best to ensure the environment is as accessible as possible for all disabilities, hidden disabilities, learning difficulties and deaf inclusion - please feel free to message us if you have any specific access needs. Everyone is welcome to stay for the whole session and catch up video's are on the UEA BSL YouTube channel so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out through studies, which always come first. don't hesitate to ask questions throughout the sessions, or to hang around at the end to ask one of our committee members or tutors.
Please note our messenger is always open. A session timetable and weekly posts will be uploaded regarding what each week will cover. 

Before COVID we were able to meet casually throughout the academic year through local events such as Norfolk Deaf Festival, Disability Pride and society socials. Keep an eye out for these amazing opportunities and social events; these are opportunities to practice your signing within the deaf community and to meet friends for life. We maybask for your permission to be recorded and/or photographed for social media.

British Sign Language is used across the UK by over 150,000 people, both deaf and hearing. A current topic that excites us and the deaf community is a potential upcoming GCSE. We welcome students, from undergraduates to postgraduates and from all ages and backgrounds.



Who are the 2022/23 committee?

President: Zoe Balaam

Vice-President: Samantha Browne

Secretary: Mary Brant 

Social Secretary: Max Durrant

Treasurer: Joel Overton

Union Council Rep: Ollie Thornton

First year Rep. Thomas Hales

Wellbeing officer: Christopher Thompson

Wellbeing officer: Darcey Hillard

Equality and Diversity officer: Lily Hyland

Health and Safety officer: Mia Read

Fundraising and Events officer: Izzy Morrey

Fundraising and Events officer: Grace Thompson

Events and socials officer: Jo Rawlings

Head of Tutoring: Samantha Browne



Contact Us:


Youtube: UEA BSL
Facebook Group: UEA British Sign Language
Instagram: UEASignSoc