Liberate Society


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We are the UEA Liberate Society. A brand new society setup of 2023/24. 

We are a combination of student led community building / activities and friend making, as well as a centre for education and discussion of Liberal / Libertarian thought.

The group is formed of 'Personal Freedoms' and 'Political Freedom':


'Personal Freedoms':

  • A group purely based around building relationships and a strong community at UEA. Dedicated to frequent social events and activities, casual socialising and having a good time. Even if you don't have an interest in politics you can still enjoy the social based aspect of this society.

'Political Freedoms':

  • A focus on the education of Liberal / Libertarian thought, while providing a space for debate and discussion of all forms of political thought. With frequent posts and meetings for discussion, and a goal to have guest speakers share their thoughts.


Fundraisers & Socials:

We will be holding frequent socials mainly centered around casual social meetups such as Bar visits or chat spaces, as well as hosting a number of fundraisers and competitions to help run the society as well as benefit the experience of members. A goal of ours is to host a number of off campus socials such as bowling to celebrate the progress made by the group.


Don't hesitate to get into contact with our committee, if you have any questions ask away! 

Your Committee for 2023/24

President: William Ballantyne

Treasurer: Will Boast

Secretary: Gabi Wielgat

Vice-President: Joe Joe Colman

Health & Safety Officer: Joe Joe Colman

Welfare & Diversity Officer: William Ballantyne

Social Secretary: Taylor Bernard

Union Council Rep: William Ballantyne


Check out our social media pages!

Instagram - uealiberatesoc

Twitter - @uealiberatesoc