Mindful Medics


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Welcome to Mindful Medics UEA!


We are a new group focussing on cultivating mindfulness amongst medical and healthcare students.


We are often told about the importance of building resillience but not given too many opportunities to build effective practices to do so! Mindfulness comes in many forms and has been proven to decrease stress, and increase overall health and happiness. 


Throughout the year we will hold various events which develop mindfulness practice (e.g. meditation) and then hold social activities/events which give the opportunity to put the techniques into practice. Examples include life drawing, book clubs which help to develop intuition and practice of mindful listening, creative workshops which encourage focus and sensory engagement and gardening sessions.

Our events aim to be more social and promote mental and physical wellbeing as well as raising awareness. We will put on bimonthly (twice/month) events with a focus on bringing the healthcare community at UEA together, at times in less traditional settings. 


Open to everyone!

Membership is £3 and ensures FREE admission to all our events!


Committee 2021/2022

Diana Baltag - President/Secretary 

Faith Ndungwani - President/Secretary 

Emily Holden - Treasurer 

Jess Steward - Events and Publicity Officer 

Lois Camp - Health and Safety Officer 

Michael Makarchuk - Equality and Diversity Officer