Rugby Women


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COMMITTEE 2022/2023

  • President – Ella Worster
  • Vice President - Maggie Read
  • Secretary – Lydia Motuel
  • Treasurer – Erin Tarrant
  • BUCS 1XV Captain – Talia Phillips 
  • Social Secretaries – Emily Colman & Poppy Wakefield
  • Publicity Secretary – Rebecca Crudge
  • Welfare Officer – Clara Garrood
  • Give A Ruck Ambassador - Freya Cannon



Women’s rugby is a group of individuals who have been brought together through our love of keeping fit, pushing ourselves and being social. Well known around campus for our inclusivity and positive energy, our team has created a safe and empowering environment for any women to strive to be the best that they can be both physically and mentally. A club that has designed itself to benefit all levels of talent, from beginners to premiership we tailor our training to benefit and improve everyone. Whether it is a love for playing the sport or watching it we involve every member through our socials, if you want to stay sober or not we make sure that our socials bring everyone together off the pitch in a safe and inclusive way.  


Monday: 5:00pm - 7:00pm Colney Lane

Friday: 5:00pm - 7:00pm Colney Lane

Weekly S&C: Monday 3:00pm - 4:00pm Sportspark 


Training takes place at Colney Lane. 

It’s about a ten minute walk from the square. We are always happy to meet in the square and walk over together.



Our BUCS team play matches regularly on a Wednesday and are in Midlands Tier 2. Their games are both at home and away.

Our UEA Wolves team play regularly on a Sunday and are in a more local league. They are in NC2 Midlands.




President – Ella Worster

Hey, I’m Ella, a third year English literature student and your president for this year. I come from a rugby family and have always loved watching so playing at university has always been top of my list. Rugby at UEA has made my university experience the most amazing and exciting time. I cannot wait for another year of exciting Rug alongside the Wolfpack.

Degree: 3rd year English Literature

Years playing: 5

Favourite rugby moment: Playing Norwich 7’s for the first time with UEA, having amazing support from each other, scoring from a little offload from the halfway line. A little bit of Champagne Rugby.

Most likely to: Get injured at some point in a season


Vice PresidentMaggie Read

Hey, I’m Mags and I’ll be your Vice-President this year. I like to play flanker, but I’ll go where I’m told/needed… I’m looking forward to another great year with the wolfpack and I’m excited to see the team develop in a new BUCS league and get freshers involved in a wonderful sport. 

Degree: 1st year Pharmacy

Years playing: 4

Favourite rugby moment: Winning Derby Day!

Most likely to: Play out of position 


Secretary – Lydia Motuel

Hey, I’m Lydia and as secretary this year I will be involved in lots of behind-the-scenes jobs organising fixtures and refs etc. I am really looking forward to the team continuing to develop even further than we already have and for another Derby Day win!

Degree: 2nd year Biomedicine 

Years playing: 8

Favourite rugby moment: Winning Derby Day 

Most likely to: Pretend to be asleep to avoid Fresher Karaoke


Treasurer – Erin Tarrant

Hey, I’m Erin as treasurer for the committee, I will be responsible for the finances and expenditures for the club. I am very excited to work with such a great new committee to ensure the club has a successful next season! 

Degree: 1st year Pharmacy 

Years playing:

Favourite rugby moment: Playing my first game and being welcomed by such a great team 

Most likely to: Get drunk after 1 pint.


BUCS 1XV Captain - Talia Philips

Hey, I'm Talia, and I play at inside centre or scrumhalf. I am buzzing to captain such a supportive team for another season & implement some smooth moves into our backline to compensate for the sights seen in the LCR.

Degree: 3rd year Psychology

Years playing: 2

Favourite rugby moment: Potters Cup, definitely! 

Most likely to: Turn the team warm up into a yoga session


Publicity Secretary- Rebecca Crudge

Hi, I’m Becca. I’ll be in charge of all thing’s social media, and I can’t wait to use our platforms to help recruitment, support players and show off what I’m sure will be a hugely successful season for the wolfpack!

Degree: 3rd year Medicine

Years playing: 8

Favourite rugby moment: Hearing that final whistle on Derby Day after a hard season!

Most likely to: Always leave before Angels on Sportsnight.


Social Secretary – Emily Colman

Hey everyone, I’m Emily, one half of your social secs this year!  Whilst I’ll leave the funnels to the other half of our chaotic duo (NOT my speciality) I’m buzzing to work with Poppy this year to provide insanely good socials and some more iconic (and hopefully less dodgy) outfits. Cannot wait to meet everyone!

Degree: 3rd year Psychology

Years playing: 1

Favourite rugby moment: Our away win against Braintree last season - immaculate vibes

Most likely to: Tip my drink over my head in a boat race


Social Secretary – Poppy Wakefield

Hey, I’m Poppy! I am the flamingo that wears a number 3. Playing prop is my favourite thing because you can feel and use the power that the rest of the team is providing you with. I have played for UEA for 2 years now and have loved every second. I also won UEAWRUFC has got talent my cramming over 30 Maltesers in my mouth at once, quite impressive if I do say so myself. All in all, I will laugh at anything and protect my team no matter what.

Degree: 3rd year American History

Years playing: 3

Favourite rugby moment: Having the referee ask where the “gobby number 3” is.

Most likely: to do something stupid for a meal deal  


Welfare OfficerClara Garrood

Hey, I’m Clara and I’m your welfare officer this year. I’ve been playing since the start of university and have really enjoyed being a part of such an exclusive sport. I started playing as a winger but and much happier in the forward pack! If you ever have any problems in the club, come and have a chat with me!

Degree: 3rd year Medicine 

Years playing: 2  

Favourite rugby moment: winning derby day with the girls 

Most likely to: Cry over a maccies 


Give A Ruck Ambassador - Freya Cannon

Hey, I’m Freya. I first joined rugby when I joined the university but only first started playing properly when the COVID restrictions were lifted last year. I previously played cricket for county.

Degree: 3rd year Politics

Years playing: 2

Favourite rugby moment: I love the vibe after every game/ training were everyone is super supportive after an intense session.

Most likely to: Get sunburnt while it’s cloudy