Rugby Women


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COMMITTEE 2023/2024

  • President – Megan Frost
  • Vice President and Vice Captain - Lydia Motuel 
  • Secretary – Cerys Maryan
  • Treasurer – Clara Garrood
  • BUCS 1XV Captain – Bethany Robinson
  • Publicity Secretary and Development Team Captain – Rebecca Crudge
  • Social Secretaries – Mia Kemp & Immy Kelleher
  • Welfare Officer – Cecilia Miotto
  • Give A Ruck Ambassador - Ellah Johnson
  • Sustainability Officer - Flick Cook-Allen
  • S+C Coordinator - Jess Smith



Women’s rugby is a group of individuals who have been brought together through our love of keeping fit, pushing ourselves and being social. Well known around campus for our inclusivity and positive energy, our team has created a safe and empowering environment for any women to strive to be the best that they can be both physically and mentally. A club that has designed itself to benefit all levels of talent, from beginners to premiership we tailor our training to benefit and improve everyone. Whether it is a love for playing the sport or watching it we involve every member through our socials, if you want to stay sober or not we make sure that our socials bring everyone together off the pitch in a safe and inclusive way.  


Monday: 5:00pm - 7:00pm SportsPark

Friday: 7:00am - 8:30am SportsPark AND 5:00pm - 7:00pm SportsPark  

Coached preseason starts September 11th


Training takes place at SportsPark Athletics Track 

We will meet in the SportsPark reception 10 minutes before training to walk to our allocated area :)



Our BUCS team play matches regularly on a Wednesday and are in Midlands Tier 2. Their games are both at home and away.

Our UEA Wolves team play regularly on a Sunday and are in a more local league. They are now apart of the Inner Warrior Series.




President – Megan Frost 

Hi, I’m Meg, a fourth year Marketing and Management student and your president this year. I have played rugby for several years, and recently had a shoulder surgery so have been out the last season. Being part of the Wolfpack has made my UEA experience so far and I can’t wait for that to continue this year. I look forward to being back with the team this season and playing some champagne rugby.

Degree: 4th year Marketing and Management with industry year

Years playing: 8

Favourite rugby moment: 2022 Derby Day

Most likely to: pitch “Code FROST10 for 10% off Booby Buckets”


Vice President and Vice CaptainLydia Motuel

Hi, I’m Lydia! I am your Vice President and Vice captain this year. A major part of my role is working with North Walsham in creating a Women’s side in the future. This will allow nonstudents to train alongside us and join as part of our Sunday league team. I will also be Vice captaining BUCS alongside Bethany. I can’t wait to see how much everyone develops as a team and individually this year. Bring on Derby Day and Bournemouth 7s!

Degree: 3rd year Biomedicine

Years playing: 9

Favourite rugby moment: Winning 31-29 at home to Nottingham uni ;)

Most likely to: say something questionable yet engaging..


Secretary – Cerys Maryan

Hello, I’m Cerys and I’ll be your secretary for the upcoming season. I’ll be doing a lot of behind-the-scenes jobs required to get us playing the sport we love such as booking pitched and refs. I cannot wait to see what the 2023/24 season has in store for us.

Degree: 3rd year PhD in Applied Microbiology  

Years playing: 1

Favourite rugby moment: Winning Derby Day 2023 - everyone was at the top of their game!

Most likely to: apologise to the opposition for tackling them to touch


Treasurer – Clara Garrood

Hi! I’m Clara, your treasurer for 2023/24. My role is to sort out the money aspect of the club, so if you have any questions about memberships etc just let me know!

Degree:  4th year Medicine

Years playing: 4 

Favourite rugby moment: Winning our first BUCS match against BCU last season! Can’t wait to do it again ;)  

Most likely to: remind everyone that I’m from Jersey.


BUCS 1XV Captain - Bethany Robinson

Hi, I’m Bethany. I’m so excited to be leading these wonderful girlies out onto the pitch this season. I can’t wait to see how far we’ll go this season and watch everyone develop their rugby skills. I have a real passion for this team and no doubt it will deepen next season!

Degree: 2nd year History

Years playing: 8

Favourite rugby moment: Scoring my first UEA try against Derby.  

Most likely to: wander off on a night out.


Publicity Secretary and Development Team Captain- Rebecca Crudge

So I’ll be pub sec and development captain this year! I’ll be working behind the scenes on the social media so if you send questions across there, I’ll be the face answering them! I’ll also be responsible for our development/Sunday league games – so if you want any info about playing when new or if you haven’t played for a while let me know!

Degree: 4th year Medicine

Years playing: 9

Favourite rugby moment: Bournemouth 7s

Most likely to: say no to sports night and end up going anyway


Social Secretary – Mia Kemp

Hi, I’m Mia! I’m one of your 2 iconic social secs. I’m so excited for the year to come, and even more excited to be working with Immy to create some amazing socials for everyone! I’m more than happy to help out anyone with anything and I’m always up for a good laugh. 

Degree: 2nd year International Development and Politics

Years playing: 8

Favourite rugby moment: Has to be our away game vs Loughborough. Even though it ended with a hospital trip for me, the team vibe, and our play that day was unmatched!

Most likely to: do any dare given to me


Social Secretary – Immy Kelleher

Hey, my name is Immy, and I’ll be one half of your social secretary duo this year! My job is run all our socials and to make sure we all have a fantastic time. I’m so excited to spend this year with you all!

Degree: 1st year Drama

Years playing: 1

Favourite rugby moment: Playing my first game at Sudbury (despite losing!)

Most likely to: be overdressed at a sports night! 


Welfare, Equality + Diversity OfficerCecilia Miotto

Hey, my name is Cecilia. I’m the team’s well-being and equality and diversity officer, so would love to answer any questions or give guidance on both rugby and life in general at uni! I’m always happy to have a chat, so just come find me.

Degree: 4th year Medicine 

Years playing: 1

Favourite rugby moment: Playing at Give a Ruck 7s!

Most likely to: confuse others as to where they are from. 


Give A Ruck Ambassador - Ellah Johnson

Hey, I’m Ellah and I’m your give a ruck ambassador this year. I started playing rugby last year when I joined university and I’ve really enjoyed being part of such an amazing club.

Degree: 2nd year History

Years playing: 1

Favourite rugby moment: Winning Derby Day!

Most likely to: get drunk after 1 pint.


Sustainability Officer - Flick Cook-Allen

My names flick and this is my second year playing for UEA women’s rugby. I am sustainability officer and will be working to make our club more sustainable and environmentally friendly, reducing our carbon footprint. If you have any questions or thoughts about making the club more sustainable don’t hesitate to get in contact with me :)

Degree: 1st year medicine

Years playing: 2

Favourite rugby moment: Going to Bournemouth 7s with the team and playing some amazing rugby with everyone.

Most likely to: reuse her sports night costumes.


S+C Coordinator - Jess Smith

Hi! I’m Jess and I am your Strength and Conditioning coordinator. I aim to motivate members to fully utilise the brilliant resources available to us, to bring more physicality to the pitch, and to aid individual and team development. After only a year of strength training, I have also been able to help many teammates in the gym in the last 9 months. I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Degree: 3rd year Economics

Years playing: 1

Favourite rugby moment: Playing at Bournemouth 7s.

Most likely to: skip sports night to go to the gym early the next day.





Additional Cost of Sport Ranges

The additional cost of sport project, which was created by the Students’ Union, alongside uea+sport, is designed to give prospective members information on the range of costs they may face in joining their chosen sport.

This range should be taken as guidance. For compulsory costs, this price includes uea+sport membership which is £55, and you only need to pay once to join all of our clubs.

When considering additional costs, some clubs may have none and others may have further costs. This is often dependent on the level of competitiveness for the sport you get involved in, and so recreational or socially playing may be cheaper. You may also have equipment which can be used between multiple sports, for example shoes or gum shields.

For any questions, please ask the sport club for specific further information, or for further information on the project.

Many thanks,

Luke Johnson

Your Activities & Opportunities Officer 23/24