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Society Awards 2023

Our Society Awards is the ultimate celebration of the incredible volunteering spirit that thrives at UEA each year. It's a chance for us to shine a spotlight on the amazing work our students do to make our university community truly wonderful.

We have thousands of students who take the lead in their societies, organising events, lending a helping hand, and so much more. Their dedication is truly awe-inspiring. While one night may not be enough to fully recognise all their hard work, our awards night is a special occasion where we come together to honour the breadth of our student volunteer community and acknowledge the impact they have made.

Now, here's the exciting part: even if you're thinking, "I've done some great work, but I don't want to brag", hold on a second! You can actually nominate yourself too! It's an excellent opportunity to receive well-deserved recognition for your efforts, and we would love to highlight the incredible contributions you've made.

So mark your calendars for the 14th June, 5pm – 7pm in the LCR, and get ready for an evening filled with celebration, appreciation, and a whole lot of fun. Our Society Awards is not only about recognising outstanding achievements, but also about fostering a sense of togetherness and gratitude. We can't wait to gather as a university community and show our heartfelt appreciation for the fantastic contributions of these remarkable individuals.

Winners - Awards and Categories

Check out the amazing societies and individuals that have been won awards this year below! A massive thank you to all our shortlisted societies and individuals, whom help to make UEA #HomeOfTheWonderful.


Award Description Winner
Society of the Year This award will be based on society activity throughout the academic year and what this student group has excelled in delivering for their members and being an example for other societies to follow. This can be through society development, outreach, success internally or other activities.
  • Korean
Committee of the Year This is for the most successful society committee for this academic year that has enacted change, organised and delivered a number of activities and represented for their membership. This could be a student group, committee, executive group or project committee.
  • Rock and Alternative Music
Event of the Year This is for the most successful event of the year hosted by a society. This acknowledges an event that has been engaging, had exceptional planning, organisation and delivered the most to a society. This award applies to in person and online events. Events can include society socials.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean, Panto
Fundraiser of the Year This award celebrates the best fundraising initiatives carried out during this academic year. This is not only defined by amount raised but also the awareness it created in the student community and engagement it brought.
  • Turkey and Syria Earthquakes Bake Sales, Turkish Azerbaijani
Campaign or Project of the Year This will be awarded to a campaign or project run by any society that raised awareness or enacted change to a high level within the UEA community to members and more.
  • Picket Lines Support and Petitions, Labour
Inclusivity and Accessibility Award This award will go to a society that has carried out a project or activity that has encouraged inclusivity and provided access to those that may struggle to participate. This could be something hosted as part of the liberation months, a regular project or another standalone event to celebrate inclusivity and accessibility. Please note this award is not limited to Peer Support Groups.
  • Women in Business event for WHM, Business
Cultural Engagement of the Year This award goes to the best cultural engagement from a society over this academic year. This is down to interpretation of why this society should win this award. Please note you do not have to be from a cultural society to apply for this. Some examples could include successful events or activities that link to culture in some way, as well as improving support in the wider UEA campus for innovative thinking.
  • Tamil
Volunteer of the Year This award will be given to an individual that have given their time to help others, no matter their role, they can be recognised. This individual has given up their own time to improve their society provision to help members and more. They are integral to their student group or volunteer scheme and without them we're just not sure what we would do!
  • Chris Njoroge
Social Media Society of the Year This award will be based upon society online activity in any and all forms of social media, their creativity and how they have engaged members and students at UEA because of this. Consistency of posting will also be taken into consideration. Evidence is crucial for your society to be deliberated in this award to please ensure you email anything to by the 29th May @ 10pm.
  • Rounders
Best Media Post of the Year This award will be given to the best publication or media piece from any society, not limited to the media collective, that have challenged, inspired or captivated the student body in some way. Evidence is crucial for your society to be deliberated in this award to please ensure you email anything to by the 29th @ May 10pm.
  • Cupid's Cabaret event poster, Burlesque
Outstanding Service to the Student Community This award is given to an individual who has given service above and beyond what is expected, to benefit the wider UEA student community. This could be anything you believe is captured in ‘going above and beyond’. For example, things related to looking after students mental health, tackling loneliness or bringing students together in any way that is more than a committee role.
  • Holly Summers
Rising Society of the Year This award will go to a society that is a recent addition to the student groups community – must have been formed within the last academic year. Engaging more students than ever through outreach and output for their members and adding to the offer UEA societies have.
  • Lifting
Best Society Collaboration This award is to recognise and celebrate the best event or campaign run between two or more societies. This could include online campaigns, in person events, such as Balls or celebration events. This collaboration should have engaged a lot of members across multiple societies and had positive impact on these groups as a result.
  • Business and Law, Charity Football Match