Tuesday 26 September 2023, 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Colney Playing Fields

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!!! Join us for an exciting and action-packed taster session at our touch rugby club! New? Returning? Doesn't matter, everyone is welcome! Touch Rugby at UEA is a mixed sport and is open for everyone to play.

We are running a taster session for Touch Rugby! 

Touch Rugby is non-contact sport. So no need for gum shields or leather armour. A good pair of trainers is all you need to play Touch Rugby!  

We truly welcome all that want to join. We have members of all different levels. All different backgrounds and all different skill sets.  

Do not worry about the rules. Don't even worry if you don't know how to throw a ball. We will teach you and walk you through it at your own pace.  


Location and time:  

Meet for 5.30pm at the Sportspark cafe. 

UEA Colney Playing Fields, Colney Lane, Norwich NR4 7UL

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We will wait at the top of the steps of the square near the post office. About here on what three words ///voted.panels.timing

We will then walk down to colney lane together. However, you may also meet us down at colney lane. There is a path to the pitch just past the new science buildings. 


What will happen on the day?: 

Once we are out on the pitch, we will do some warm ups along with introductions to the team members and get into some basic passing practises.  

We will do some attacking and defending drills and finish up with a game.  


What you should bring with you?: 

Bring some trainers and clothes you are happy to exercise in. Check the weather to see if a jumper is better than a t-shirt.  

Bring some water as well to keep hydrated. 

And thats all, we will provide the rest that is needed.  


Can I bring a friend?  

YES!!! Even if they haven't got a taster ticket. They don't have to take part either. Please bring along anyone that you want. 


What even is this sport? Is it the same as Rugby?  

So no, its not the same as rugby. We are a non-contact sport that is also mixed. The rugby ball is smaller than full contact rugby ball, so its easier to hold. The play is more about where you put yourself and being tactical than just being the biggest or fastest person on the pitch.  


The video below is to give you an idea on how the sport is played.