Marxism, Ireland and the National Question

Thursday 17 November 2022, 6:30pm - 8pm

New Science Building 0.04

Join us and understand the right to self determination of nations and how we fight for it, focusing on Ireland and understanding how we can understand and work towards ending the subjugation of one country under another for the interests of capital!

An in-depth dicussion given by a member of the society on the question of imperialism, the national question and uniting Ireland! Expect a cohesive and empowering discussion, in which we aim to lay out what the position of revolutionaries should be on the national question and how we take steps to understand this question tactically. 

If you're sick of people just saying "that's how it is" when it comes to some countries seemingly being stuck in poverty, whilst seeming to have the resources to give much more to their own people, then this meeting will (hopefully) answer your questions.


The meeting will be at 6:30pm in the New Science building (room 0.04) this Thursday, the speaker will speak for about 30 minutes and then we'll have a moderated discussion afterwards, after the meeting we'll go to the bar together for a small social and to continue discussions if you're interested in hearing more.