Christmas Murder Mystery

Thursday 15 December 2022, 7pm - 10pm

Midsoc are hosting a Murder Mystery night !! Bring your best, or ugliest, Christmas sweater and your detective skills as we uncover the mystery of who dunnit!


On the 15th of December at 7pm Midsoc are hosting a murder mystery party event! Follow the story of an office Christmas jumper party that has a deadly twist and find out who in the group is responsible! Wear your best, or ugliest, Christmas jumper and channel your inner detective or maybe you’ll find yourself as the killer trying to get the group off your tracks!

Tickets for members are £3 and for non-members tickets are £4. There is a limited number of tickets so get yours quick if you want to join us!

We hope to see you all there!


Join the mandatory holiday fun at…

The Really Ugly “Ugly Sweater” Office Party

The Romanage International company office, just south of London, is throwing its annual “Ugly Sweater” lunch for employees, clients and vendors. It’s going about the same as any daytime office party with no alcohol—dull and quiet, with everyone on their best behaviour.

Then a scream rings out—the company president, Mike Romanage himself, has been found dead in the copy room. His head was bashed in as he bent over the glass of the old-fashioned copier. Unfortunately, the body collapsed onto the “Print” button, so hundreds of copies of his astonished face are flying around the room.

The guests, mingling uneasily among the cubicles, are abuzz with questions. What was Mike Romanage copying? Who’s in charge here? When can we go home? And most importantly—whodunit? Could it have been YOU?