UEA Mental Health Day

Thursday 14 March 2024, 10am - 3pm

Exhibition Space, The Hive

Thursday 14th March is University Mental Health Day


University Mental Health Day is a day to raise awareness and get people talking about the narrative around student mental health. We want to make UEA a safe space for all students to talk about their mental health and to feel supported. You can get involved by dropping in at the 5 Ways to Wellbeing event in the Exhibition space in the SU, where you can learn about how you can use the 5 ways to help support and maintain your mental health. Plus there's a free giveaway with additional prizes to be won! Find out further information about this event.


There are also lots of wellbeing workshops and groups running in March, including Study Planning and Mindfulness in a Busy Schedule. The workshops aim to give you information on a variety of topics and provide you with tools to use in your life beyond the workshop. You can also check out the wellbeing workshop page on MyUEA to see the full offer, to book on or express your interest.