The Meteors

Tuesday 02 April 2024, 7:30pm - 11pm

The Waterfront Studio


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£25.00 (General)
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+ epileptic hillbillys + stage frite

14+ (under 16’s to be accompanied by an adult over 18) 

The Meteors are an English psychobilly band formed in 1980. they are credited with creating the psychobilly subgenre — which fuses punk rock with rockabilly — its distinctive sound and style.

Formed in South London in 1980, they are considered the first verifiable psychobilly band. Their albums In Heaven (1981) and Wreckin' Crew (1983) are considered landmarks of the early years of the genre. "Starting in the neo-rockabilly scene, the Meteors were initially shunned for being too different. Excuses for exclusion from rockabilly concerts varied from the band having too extreme of a sound to their drummer having green hair.” The Meteors blended elements of punk rock, rockabilly, and horror film themes in their music. calls the Meteors "the first true psychobilly band," noting their blend of the "themes of horror, punk and rockabilly" and they were the second band to use the term 'Psychobilly' as a description of their music.[The Meteors articulated psychobilly's apolitical stance, a reaction to the right- and left-wing political attitudes which divided other British youth cultures. Fans of the Meteors, known as "the Crazies", are often attributed with inventing the style of slam dancing known as "wrecking", which became synonymous with the psychobilly.

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