Y2K vs 2010s at the LCR

Thursday 30 November 2023, 10:30pm - 2:30am


The LCR goes back to the 00s this month with a Y2K vs 2010s party!  Expect to hear all the biggest throwbacks of the decades!  Time to flaunt those vintage vibes – grab your denim sets, cargo pants, and velour tracksuits 'cause we’re diving into a night of pure nostalgia like it’s '00s all over again. Think Britney in her crop top phase, Destiny’s Child matching sets or Brad Pitt in the Jennifer Aniston era. Get ready for retro riffs and fabulous fashion flashbacks and hey, be thankful those flip phones are ancient history – at least you won’t miss capturing these vibes!!

Our drinks prices are also going back to the 00s, so you can save some dough!  We’re also going into music from the 2010s with music from Taylor Swift / One Direction / Katy Perry / Bruno Mars / Rihanna / Lady Gaga / Fall Out Boy / Imagine Dragons / Dua Lipa / Justin Bieber / Jason Derulo / Ariana Grande and loads more!  Don’t hesitate, grab a ticket before it’s too late, because this is a party you don’t want to skip! 

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Please respect each other and our staff.

Our Security and Venues teams are trained to support you. On hand in a safe space in the Hive, our dedicated student welfare Alcohol Impact Crew are ready with phone chargers, biscuits, water, and a lot of sound advice. And for the ill or injured, the marvelous St. John First Aiders are available.

If you are worried about spiking, feel uncomfortable, have a problem, or feel unwell, please ask any staff for help. We are here to give you a Good Night Out.

Please ask for a spikey at the bar and try to reuse it if possible. We will continue to routinely remove any abandoned drinks.