Disco Golf

Wednesday 27 September 2023, 6pm - midnight



£5.00 (18:30-19:00)
£5.00 (19:00-19:30)
£5.00 (19:30-20:00)
£5.00 (20:00-20:30)
£5.00 (20:30-21:00)
£5.00 (21:00-21:30)
£5.00 (21:30-22:00)
£5.00 (22:00-22:30)
£5.00 (22:30-23:00)
£5.00 (23:00-23:30)
£4.00 (Upgrade to 18 holes)
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UEA SU! Brace yourselves! The UK's best Golf night is coming and we're going BIG!

Get down to the charity shops to get yourself some golfing gloves and borrow you dads retro golf jumper. We’re bringing Mini Golf and UV Disco together!

What is DISCO GOLF? We've taken crazy golf, shaken all the dust-out and turned it into one mad, UV filled, party night! You'll be go round the course with all of your friends playing aiming to get the lowest possible score all whilst in complete UV Paint!

Book your time slot, 9 holes or 18 and arrive at the welcome zone to grab a drink at the bar and play some retro games, cornhole and in the skittle alley.