Safe Space with LAW SOCA

Thursday 01 June 2023, 12:30pm - 2pm

Earlham Hall 1.24

In collaboration with the Student of Colour Ambassador scheme, the UEA Law School is actively working to foster a more positive and inclusive experience for our Law Students of Colour. As part of a series of events, we are very excited to invite you to come along to the first Safe Space (Thursday 1s June) event hosted by the Law Student of Colour Ambassador, Sharia Siddiqui.


This will be a great opportunity to connect and engage with other Law Students of Colour in a relaxed environment to discuss your unique experiences at the Law School and help us to learn how we can make the experience better tailored to you!  With this event, we hope to provide Students of Colour with a safe and open platform to be heard and feel empowered.


For more details, please see the attached poster.