Teenage Werewolves The Cramps Tribute

Friday 25 August 2023, 6pm - 10pm

The Waterfront

+ she's in bauhaus

14+ (under 16’s to be accompanied by an adult over 18)

Free entry to Propaganda for over 18 ticketholders

“Sexy rock & roll spectacle of the highest order!". . ."Startling & spell-binding". . ."This high-octane extravaganza is pure genius". . ."Much more than a tribute”.

The fans say it best! “I’m old enough to have seen Iggy, The Dolls, Little Richard, etc. and the TWs live, is without a doubt one of the hottest kick-ass rock & roll shows on the planet”.

“Ive spent time & money traveling up and down the country for years now to see the Teenage Werewolves. They are the most entertaining group i've seen and i've seen a lot. They fill a room with electricity, over the top stage presence and give a crowd what they want, an amazing unforgettable night.”

“I’ve seen the Cramps over 40 times and the TWs only 3 so far and they are brilliant.”

“One of the best shows I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot of fckin gigs!). The TWs are returning, you just made my summer!”

“Except for The Teenage Werewolves gig, good riddance to 2022.”

Teenage Werewolves show, world’s #1 Cramps tribute. The only tribute booked in 20yrs of Spain’s biggest rock festival A.R.F. and the year’s highlight for many avid show-goers. Close your eyes and your ears will convince yourself you are with the Cramps. Open them and you are faced with much more than you bargained for. Your cure for the Cramps.

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