Dare to Speak UP- Public Speaking Workshop

Friday 24 February 2023, 1pm - 3pm

TPSC 2.03

Tools and Techniques for writing and confidently presenting a powerful speech! A Masterclass in Public Speaking for Budding Change Makers.

You are hereby invited to join our workshops to learn about the tools and techniques to confidently deliver a powerful speech!

In this sessions you will be shown examples of speeches, learn about the structure of a good speech,  and in conversation and discussion with fellow participants you will explore on which topic you like to speak,  why and who your preferred audience is.

At the end you will have some ideas on paper to start writing your speech in your own time, to be perfected at session two. 

Speeches will be based on the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS

ALIGNING YOUR PRACTICE WITH THE UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ...In the second session, date to be decide, participants are invited to share their writing with others and collectively we will constructively comment on each other's  speeches.

The emphasis is very much on learning together and supporting one-other in a friendly setting! 

In this session, the attention is on delivery, on presenting your speech and how to engage the audience in what you are saying and hopefully shift their thinking about a topic or make them action on something. You will learn about body language, eye contact, tone of voice, ....  and will get a chance to practice.

These sessions are run by Beth Derks from the School of Politics. She has organised two National Student Political Speech Competitions and many of these workshop sessions in a variety of settings; from classrooms, to libraries, to festivals. And because participants feel equipped and supported, they all 'Dare to Speak Up at the end and four former participants have spoken at TEDx events!  

After the workshops, iterested students can submit their speech to UEA's World Speech Day committee. They will be selecting the best speeches to be professionally recorded at Broadcast House, in the City Centre. These speeches will become part of a two hour World Speech Day News show, see

Now, a lot of people say, "oh no.. I am so bad at Public Speaking, not for me.. far to shy.."  and therefor don't attend. This does not make sense; we are at University to learn right? 

So, why not just give it a try,  give it a go, and sign up or email for further information. 

Look forward to seeing many of you there!