Money Budgeting Course

Monday 06 February 2023, 11am - 2pm

Student Information Zone (SIZ)

Do Some Skill Building!

Wondering how to make your student loan last the semester? Want to budget, but don't know how? Try to manage your money but end up in your overdraft? Come and learn some practical skills on a course used by 1000s of people across the UK. It's a small, confidential group run by Christina Brailsford from Brailsford Learning with no judgement, no obligation to share personal information, and...a free lunch!! Please note you must attend both sessions to do this course, access your online budget tools and get your certificate of completion.

This CAP Money Budgeting course is over 2 days and will give you the practical skills needed to budget your own finances or take the skills you learn into your career. You will be working on your own personal finances during the course so you should end the 2 days with a strong budget in place to go forward.

The second part is on 6 February 11am-2pm. Please make sure you can attend both sessions.