Focus Group - TEF Student Feedback

Wednesday 16 November 2022, 1pm - 2pm

Bookable Room 1, Union House

UEA(SU) are holding a focus group with up to 12 students to gather student feedback on teaching and learning to feed into the SU's Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) submission. Participants will receive £10 for attendance and participation.

uea(su) are running focus groups to find out more from students about what they think of the teaching and learning services provided by UEA. This research will be used to form the Student Submission part of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). TEF is a scheme run by the Office for Students (OFS) to rank the teaching provided by all universities and higher education providers in England. It’s a crucial part of UEA’s reputation and the way that it can market itself to prospective students. Each provider in England will be given a Bronze, Silver or Gold ranking, decided by a panel. Part of the way UEA's award is assessed is through a 'student submission' - an independent report written and submitted by uea(su). 

This focus group is your chance to tell us about your real student experiences and what you think about the quality of teaching you have recieved at UEA. We want to make sure that what we submit is truly representative of what students at UEA think. 

Each participant will recieve £10 for attending the focus group, which will last around an hour. The focus group will be recorded, but your feedback will be anonymised in the report. 

By signing up for this event, you are indicating your agreement with and understanding of, the terms below and providing your consent to take part in this focus group and for your data to be used in the ways outlined below.

Focus Groups terms & conditions: 

1. The confidentiality of your responses and your anonymity is guaranteed in publications resulting from this research. Students taking part are asked to keep the content of discussions and identity of other students confidential, however this cannot be guaranteed. 
2. This focus group will not cover any sensitive topics, however if your response leads us to believe that you pose harm to yourself or others, we have a legal obligation to refer you to, or contact the relevant services on your behalf (such as the UEA Student Support Services). We would seek to discuss this with you before taking action.
3. Answers to all questions, as well are your overall participation in the focus group are provided on a voluntary basis and you can choose to leave the focus group at any time. Please note, that if you do decide to leave the focus group, we will be unable to edit or remove your responses from any recordings or analysis. We are not aware of any unmitigated risks associated with this research.
4. If you have questions or comments about this focus group, please speak to the facilitators - Abbie Mulcairn -
5. If you have any complaints about this research, please contact Claire Boothby-Barnbrook -