Generational Change

Dear Students of Colour,

At the uea(su) we believe in equity and we understand that in previous elections you may not have felt seen or included. That is why we have created Generational Change, a programme to ensure you are given the support, empowerment, and confidence to get into leadership roles, including running for the elections.

The uea(su) are committed to creating an anti-racist culture which can be seen in our current schemes including the Students of Colour Ambassadors, which aims to tackle the degree awarding gap. (In the UK in 2019-20, there was a 9.9% 'gap’ between the likelihood of white students and students of colour getting a 1st or a 2:1 degree classification due to explained and unexplained factors.)

From research it has been found that some of the contributing factors for the attainment gap are that students of colour do not feel represented or a sense of belonging at university. Not only will being part of the programme help you to navigate the elections process, but it will also create role models for students of colour looking to run in the elections in the future, as they feel seen, heard, and have the confidence to apply themselves. We believe your voice is important and we want you to be part of the Generational Change.

Generational Change will provide equitable activities including workshops, 1-1s with uea(su) staff members of colour, and open discussions to support your journey through our elections process. UEA needs more students of colour in leadership roles across the board and not just in EDI roles. Your voice and leadership is valued and inherent to kickstart systemic and institutional change for generations to come. It starts now.

Please email us if you would like to book in a 1-1 (once nominations are closed)!

- the uea(su) team




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