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The Disabled Students Liberation Society is formed of two constituent societies: Umbrella and Student Minds. Policy formation and election of representatives will be coordinated through these societies.

Current Elections

The rules governing these elections can be found here. If you have any problems nominating yourself please contact James Barker at

No elections are currently running

Results of the most election for the Disabled Students' Liberation Society

The following positions remain unfilled, and elections will be held in due course:

  • Union Council Rep (Mental Health Condition Place)
  • Union Council Rep (Physical Illness Place)
  • Union Council Rep (LGBT+ Place)
  • Liberation, Equality and Diversity subcommittee rep

Union Council Representatives:

The Council reps for this year are:

Emilia Bugg - Open Place

Abbey Doormann - SPLD and Autism Place

Subcommittee reps

Anders Sinclair - Liberation, Equality and Diversity subcommittee rep

Umbrella Meeting Dates:

  • Wednesday 17th January 2018 2-4pm, union house, room 2

Campaign Meeting

If anyone is interested in getting involved with campaigning the Students with Disabilities Officer will be running a session Thursday 25th January 5-7pm room 1, union house

Minutes of meetings


These are policies that were passed by the Students with Disabilities Caucus that either mandated the Students with Disabilities Officer to take action on something, set out the Caucus's stance on an issue or gave approval to an idea that someone wanted to send to Union Council. The Caucus has since been replaced by the Disabled Students’ Liberation Society, but the policies are kept here as an archive.