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The LGBT+ Association is the LGBT+ branch of uea(su) and all self-identifying LGBT+ students are automatically members of the association.

The association is led and overseen by the two elected LGBT+ officers, and includes Pride Society, handling welfare and community building for LGBT+ students and the LGBT+ Campaign, which is a platform for LGBT+ students to work on building a more LGBT+ inclusive environment at UEA.

The LGBT+ Campaign, holding regular meetings throught the academic year, is both a democratic body for LGBT+ students to have their say on SU policy, but also a forum for students to discuss issues, work on responses to those issues, and organise within themselves to carry out campaigns and activism. It is there to provide a platform to students who aren't elected representatives to fight for their rights and wellbeing at UEA.

Current Elections:

The rules governing these elections can be found here.

No elections are currently running

Results of the most recent elections to the LGBT+ Association committee

The following positions remain unfilled; elections will be held in due course -

  • Chair
  • Union Council Rep (Students with Disabilities Place)
  • Union Council Rep (BME Place)
  • Union Council Rep (Trans & Non-Binary Rep)

Social media: 

Facebook: UEA LGBT+ Campaign 


Chair:  Fernanda Garza

Union Council Representatives:

  • Open Place: Amelia Court
  • Students with Disabilities Rep: VACANT
  • Trans & Non-Binary Rep: VACANT
  • Women’s Rep: Ellie Reeves

Minutes of meetings



Caucus Policies

These were policies passed by the LGBT+ Caucus that either mandated the LGBT+ Officers to take action on something, set out the Caucus's stance on an issue or gave approval to an idea that someone wanted to send to Union Council. The Caucus has since been replaced by the LGBT+ Liberation Society but the policies remain here as an archive.

NUS LGBT+ Conference

On 15th-17th March 2016, UEA sent 7 delegates to represent you at the National Union of Students (NUS) LGBT+ Conference. They voted on issues ranging from asexual awareness to prison reform, and elected the NUS LGBT+ Committee and the NUS LGBT+ Officers. 

Your delegates to the conference in 2016 were:

  • Chris Jarvis (Open Place)
  • Jack Robinson (Open Place)
  • Jo Swo (Women's Place)
  • Lucy Auger (Women's Place)
  • Elliot Folan (Trans Place)
  • Rhys Purtill (Black Place)
  • Charlotte Earney (Students with Disabilities Place)

How your delegates voted

A PDF document detailing how each of your delegates voted can be found here. The full conference agenda can be found here.

What happened

You can see what motions were passed in the documents above. The conference also elected the NUS LGBT+ Officers and the NUS LGBT+ Committee.

LGBT+ Officer (Open Place): Noorulann Shahid

LGBT+ Officer (Women’s Place): Melantha Chittenden

LGBT+ Committee

  • Open Places: Marcus Connolly, Charlotte Earney and Jo Swo
  • Women’s Places: Ashley Reed, Pippa Stark and Sarah Noble
  • Trans Reps: Tobias Wolf and Luc Sei
  • International Students’ Rep: Rishabh Kumar
  • FE Reps: Amy Smith and Harry Sumner
  • Black Students’ Rep (Women’s Place): Simin Wadiwala
  • Disabled Students’ Rep: Adam Perry
  • Bi Rep: Laura Eagles