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Events and Societies

Each year uea|su hold a range of events for Go Green Week, and 2017 boasted some incredible events which students loved! This year we visited the only wind turbine in the world that is open to the public to climb, hosted a vegan fair in the hive, held panels and talks across the Union, socieites led students on biodiversity walks, and much more.  

In the past we have organised events such as transport to the The Peoples March for Climate Justice. Events like this not only solidify our commitment to a sustainable future, but the political involvement of students.

Below is a list of the ethical and environmentally active societies that we host. If you want to get more involved, or find out more about them, click their link.

Carbon Crew

Conservation and Wildlife

UEA's Sustainability Collective is an attempt to bring together sustainably themed societies from across campus in order to support each other on campaigns, organise joint events and have discussions which can help the SU’s Environment Officer and Campaigns and Democracy Officer implement sustainable change through Union Council and the University’s Sustainability Boards. Comprised of representatives from societies such as People & Planet, ENV Soc and Carbon Crew, this newly formed collective will encourage societies to work together to meet our joint goals of creating a more sustainable Union, UEA and wider community. 

To stay up to date with the events and news on sustainability involving the University, you can sign up for their UEA Sustainable ways newsletter, along with their action on food, and energy.


There are a wealth of vegetarian and vegan places in Norwich to eat and buy groceries. Eating vegetarian or vegan, even once a week, is a great step towards sustainability, given the unsustainable nature of mass produced meat on both freshwater resources, and additional CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Namaste India

Green Grocers

Wild Thyme


River Green Cafe

Loving Hut

Bia Vegan Diner

Moorish Falafel 


The Greenhouse

Little Shop of Vegans

The Tipsy Vegan

Along with the above list, many restaurants offer vegan and vegetarian options.