our service standards


Our Core Principles:

We have certain things which we hold very dear and believe are integral to delivering for students here at UEA. We want to ensure we get the best solution for our members that we can and believe our principles help us achieve that.


When we work with you, we will remain unbiased in our approach and provide balanced advice utilising our knowledge to give you the best service we can.


When you seek advice from uea(su) you can be confident that we will assist you in challenging the university when this is needed and we will never put our relationship with the university ahead of supporting you.


The subject matter of what you seek advice for will never be available to anyone beyond the advice(su) team unless there are circumstances where we believe you are at risk of harm yourself or at risk of harming others or we have a legal obligation to disclose it. See our full Service Level Policy for more details


No matter what you want to talk to us about we will never pass judgement or opinion on what has lead you to come to see us.


We will not treat anyone less favourably and will do everything we reasonably can to ensure you feel your case has been dealt with in the right way.

Our Promises:

Beyond our core principles we also want to make you a set of promises so you’ll know what you can expect when you seek advice from us.

Polite and Professional:

When you engage with us you’ll be greeted by people who are courteous and considerate who treat you and your enquiry with the respect it deserves.

Clear Communication:

Any communications you have with us will be in plain English using no fancy jargon so you will understand the options, what is required of you and what we will do to support you.

We’ll Be in Touch:

When you seek advice from us we’ll keep you informed of when we will contact you at all parts of the process and will stick to the promise we make to you. When you first contact us we’ll acknowledge and act on that contact in no more than 3 working days.

Looking After Data:

If you are required to provide us with any personal information we’ll ensure it is stored safely and used only for the purpose it was given to us.  See our Privacy Policy for full details.

If We Can’t Help:

If you come to see us and we can’t support you we’ll make sure we direct you to someone who can.

We Want Feedback:

We welcome your thoughts on how we operate as a service and want your views on what we do well and where we could improve.