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Originating in the US as a means of marking trees for felling, paintball has become a worldwide staple of stag dos and corporate weekends away.  For us, it’s a great way of meeting some new people with a common interest and building a team of people to play with in an exciting, high adrenaline setting.


The society has three main activities:

1. We take people out into the woods for the good old-fashioned paintball experience you’ve all seen and heard before. We’ll take you out there, make sure you have a good day, and bring you back, may even lend you some gear if you’re good.

2. The UEA Titans play competitively at tournaments, specifically, the UK Student Cup, against university teams from around the country. We run free training events every week to make sure you’re all fit and ready to compete as well as live training days once a month or so to sharpen your skills under fire.

3. Towards the end of the year there are a number of large scenario events that our members often attend. They work a lot like festivals but with a little less music and a lot more shooting at each other. At each one we join up with the UK Student Paintball Network’s student village and spend our downtime, drinking, talking smack and swapping stories with students from around the country.

How much does it cost to join?

£5, which is a great price for the things the society has to offer for you!


Does it hurt?

A very common question. Yes, it does hurt if you get hit. More often that not, direct hits will leave a lingering stinging pain for no longer than 2 minutes. Other times the balls will ricochet. Plus, you will be rushing adrenaline, and may not event feel a thing until afterwards. In casual paintball, we live by the motto that if you are not getting hit, you are not getting the most out of it.

Do people take it seriously?

The aim of the society is to get people to have fun while playing paintball, but when fun becomes messing around, it then becomes dangerous. Paintball is a great sport, but you have to remember that people can get hurt, so although its great to shoot people numerous times, there is a limit and you will be called up for stepping out of line. Everyone is there to have fun, so play by the rules and you will always have a ball (pun absolutely intended).

Is it expensive?

Days out cost around £40. That covers getting you there and back, as well as gear, lunch and 600 balls, which, if you are not trigger happy, will see you through the day. Comparing that to a night out, it will hurt a lot less than checking your bank balance in the morning and hurt a lot less than a hangover.

Do I have to run and be fit?

If you are a casual player, it is not essential, but desirable. It helps a lot in all situations. The general advice is, if you are not getting hit, move, if you are going to move, run.

What is Speedball?

Speedball is a version of paintball played at a more competitive level, it’s faster paced, and involves much more technical skill and markers that fire 10.5 balls per second!
UEA has a long running speedball team that competes every year and that could be you!
For an idea of what it looks like, have a look at this:

Do I get a gun?

Yes, you will be given all the hardware you need on the day. For Speedball, we will endeavour to spread our own kit around and make sure you have the best we can get you, but it will depend on numbers on the day.

Will my friends think it is weird?

Not at all, and if they do, bring them along, we will soon change their mind!

Do I need to buy equipment or is it covered?

If you wish to get your own gear, we are more than happy to help in terms of looking for great deals from reliable sources and talking to sponsors, but you do not need it to be a part of the society.

What is appropriate to wear?

You will always get a set of overalls to wear on the day, so otherwise, all that remains is either solid shoes or a spare pair of socks. It can be a dirty sport depending on if you are into laying in pits and bushes, so clothes you do not like/wear often. Based on your pain threshold, outer layers mean less pain, but it can get very hot, and your goggles may fog up. Generally, dress sensibly. You want to get the most out of your experience.

What can you expect in a typical game with the Paintball Society?

If you are up to join the society, you can expect plenty of communication, fast-paced games, strategic plays, the occasional beast mode, and best of all, being part of a community that is passionate about paintball, oh, and did I forget to mention you get to shoot people?

Is there an initiation to join the society?

Initiations are prohibited throughout UEA clubs and societies and we can guarantee that no such thing will take place within this society.

Why should I join the Paintball Society?

If you are an individual that loves adrenaline rushes, someone who likes strategy and the thrill of playing a fast-paced sport/game, is not afraid to take paint, and overall enjoys the challenge of shooting people with an air compressed paintball gun, come and join us. We look forward to seeing you down the barrel.


The Committee 2022/2023

President: Chris Thompson

Secretary: N/A

Treasurer: N/A