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If you are not already aware about Mauritius, it is a tiny African island in the Indian Ocean. The beautiful colours of our flag, red, blue, yellow, and green, represent many important things and it known as the Four Bands, or 'Les Quatre Bandes' in our official language known as Creole. 

The red represents the struggle for freedom and independence, blue represents the Indian Ocean, in which Mauritius is situated, yellow represents the light of freedom shining over the island, and finally, green represents the agriculture of Mauritius and its colour throughout the 12 months of the year.

Mauritian culture has a lot to offer! From the fiery flavours of our Indo-African influenced foods to the buoyant beats of our music, that is sega! We aim to share our culture with all of you, organizing events, and engaging with the community around us. We hope to make this an accommodating and welcoming society for all at UEA to celebrate diversity and heritage!

With Love,

Mauritian Society 

P.S: We are all looking forward to meet everyone!