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How to invest in yourself & prioritise your well-being

Investing in yourself means you are putting in the time, money, and energy into making your current and future life better. There are several methods to being self-investment; here are some ways to start:

  • Furthering your knowledge: Reading books, listening to informative podcasts, learning a new skill, or completing an online course (free courses are available on the website).
  • Your social circle: Networking is a significant tool that can contribute towards personal development. Staying in touch with family and friends in/out of university or expand your social circle by joining a recreational club/society. We have many to choose from on campus.
  • Engage in creative activities: This can teach one how to think differently whilst having fun trying something new. There are many ways of engaging in these activities, Norwich has a range of events that promote creativity, and you can even look out for some on campus!
  • Practice mindfulness: Spending as little as 10 mins a day, meditating or going on a walk can have tremendous effects on the brain.
  • Prioritising physical health: This looks different for everyone, for example, you may decide to exercise for 30 mins a day, trying more homemade meals, or going to a medical appointment you may have been delaying for a while, such as the dentist.
  • Managing your income: It is important that as a university student, you manage your money effectively through budgeting. If you are struggling, you can book an appointment with the welfareSU team here.

Investing in your future self

Whilst studying at UEA, there is a range of opportunities out there to be aware of and participate in, which will assist in developing your future career. The best place to start on campus is within Career Central. Here you can find a range of resources to help your future career development, such as internships, advice, placements, and courses.


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