What is Alcohol Awareness Week?

Alcohol Awareness Week is a week of fun, education and raising awareness about alcohol usage plus giving students strategies to help reduce any harmful impacts.

At the SU we want you to have a great time with your friends and enjoy our bars and LCR, but we know sometimes it can be easy to feel pressure to drink more than you want to or you can find that alcohol is getting in the way of your relationships or studies.

This year’s theme is Alcohol and Relationships. If you or someone you know is worried about the impact of alcohol on their relationship with their partner or friends remember:

  • You don’t need alcohol to have a good night out – so we are training our clubs and societies in understanding more about how to make sure their socials are inclusive and aren’t just about drinking.
  • There are loads of alcohol free social events going on throughout the year – check out the DSD website for more info. For example, we will be putting on an alcohol-free film night in the LCR, book your free ticket and bag some free popcorn while you're at it!
  • We will be promoting the national Student Alcohol and Drug Survey all week, so we can understand more about student concerns about drugs and alcohol. Fill in the survey here or pop down to the Hive on Monday and Friday to fill in the survey and grab some sweets and 50p off your next coffee in Unio.
  • If you or someone you know is worried about the impact of alcohol on their relationship with their partner or friends, you can talk to someone about it – contact advice(su) or student support.

We are working with the university to understand student concerns around drugs and alcohol and are working with SOS-UK to achieve the Drug and Alcohol Impact accreditation. We have already introduced new measures in response to student concerns around spiking, and the data from the survey will help us to understand other student priorities and plan our work in this area for the rest of the year.



There are more events and activities that don't involve alcohol than you might realise! Working in partnership with Do Something Different, here are just a few.

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Lower Your Risk

To minimise alcohol-related health risks, it's recommended that you don't exceed 14 units a week.

But what does 14 units look like?*

6 Pints of Beer

6 Medium Glasses of Wine

14 Shots of Spirits

9 Alcopops

* Information provided by NHS Live Well and Drinkaware UK

Anti-Spiking Campaign

For more info on what we are doing, check out these articles. Let us know what you think, and we will take it all onboard!

A Night to Remember is back!

A Night to Remember is the campaign which aims to promote all the things clubs and societies can do which aren't alcohol-centred and avoid the subsequent drinking culture universities can sometimes be associated with.

Fancy winning £100?

As an added incentive to participate, the National Student Alcohol and Drug Survey are offering the chance to win £100 for completing their survey! We've heard worse ideas.

Click the button below for your chance!

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